Monday, September 11, 2017

Project 1

Reading Response

Walter Benjamin's "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" discusses many of Benjamin's concerns about the involvement of technology and reproduction of works of art. The article deals with the shift in what it means to be an artist, and debates what is considered genuine or authentic.

Marxism also plays a big role in his arguments, as well as "aura". He argues that aura can vanish and that it can be hard to capture what is real, and how our sense of the world allows us to do things. He described it as "the symptomatic process whose significance points beyond the realm of art," and claims that each time an artwork is recreated, it loses aura.

I personally disagree with many of the points that Benjamin makes. Thinking back to my drawing II class, my professor encouraged photography, and also suggested that we try to replicate the work of other artists, for our own personal gain in order to strengthen us as artists. I think that each time an artwork is recreated, it gains aura, as opposed to losing it. While Walter Benjamin may be a very respected and intelligent man, I feel like a lot of his ways of thinking are outdated, and that those beliefs just don't apply in this day and age.